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Umeeda's last day in Uganda- Long ago far away but it could have been yesterday

Umeeda Umedaly Swilto

Aug 24 2009

Photo: Assembly room at Aga Khan Secondary taken in 2009

I was 15 years old when I had to leave. Listen to my story abou my last day in Uganda and getting ready to travel to Oregon. I was leaving my parents, family, friends, dogs , homes with a $100 in my pocket and alone.

I left form 3 at the Aga Khan Secondary school without saying goodbye to friends and teachers.Today the school has been restored thanks to many people. They are still fundraing to continue to improve this wonderful school. Join them and make a sustainable difference!

More than 80,000 asian refugess leaving Uganda in 1972 in 90 days. Where did they go? Find out about their stories.

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