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Lella Umedaly had hope for the future

Umeeda Umedaly Swilto

Aug 24 2009

Lella came to Canda with Shamas Umedaly.

She loved Canada and couldnt wait to get here

She had 5 children and grandchildren Farhan, Aaleeya, Rehannah, Nareena, Aryannah, Tariq, Aari and Tareck

Son in laws Terry Ketter, Andrew Spence ( deceased) , Gary Switlo ( Deceased)

Daughter in laws Yasmin Verjee and Susan Purkiss

Lella has recently written a cookbook called Mamajee's kitchen which is a Canadian best seller.

Thanks Mom for being such a great mother, grandmother and for being such an adventurer. You made the transition to Canada much better thanks to your hard work and good example and your delicious food.

More than 80,000 asian refugess leaving Uganda in 1972 in 90 days. Where did they go? Find out about their stories.

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Photo: Signing her book in Toronto for CNN's Ali Velshi, Khanum and Mossadiq ( her son)